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Putting Big Data to Use for Web Science Applications


  • [Feb 27, 2016] First announcement of seminar on DBIS website is live


Seminar Content

  • The seminar focuses on select topics within the universe of 'Big Data' as well as 'Web Science'
  • Hereby, the Big Data part of the seminar will discuss in particular the systems and frameworks aspects of parallel computation and analysis by approaches like MapReduce, Dremel, and friends
  • The Web Science part will then delve into applications and be more algorithms and applications focused; particular interest will be given to (product) recommender systems as they are used esp. for ecommerce purposes
  • The seminar at hand aims to investigate personalization and recommendation approaches that are particularly geared towards situations where the amount of data available for processing is large (or even 'big').

Application Procedure

  • We kindly ask prospective participants to apply via HIS-LSF for participation in the indicated seminar
  • Please note that the number of participants is limited to 10.

Administrative Stuff

  • The seminar is organized as an 'en bloc' seminar, consisting of two sessions with mandatory participation.
  • Session I: The first session will be held on Saturday, June 04, 2016, from 9.00am s.t. to 2pm (SR 01-016, Geb. 101). The aim of this first session is to provide all participants with basic knowledge about 'Recommender Systems' and 'Big Data', as well as what will be asked of students in terms of presentation skills and the writing of a scientific report, present the topics to be elaborated in presentations, and assign topics to participants. Moreover, the first session will address the organization of the second session, to be held over the weekend (Saturday plus Sunday).
  • Session II: The second session will feature the oral presentations of all 10 participants and take place Saturday, July 09 (SR 01-016, Geb. 101) - Sunday, July 10, open end (SR 01-016, Geb. 101).
  • Additional information:
    • ECTS: 4 cr. (equals 2 SWS)
    • Location: As indicated for each session (session I: SR 01-016, Geb. 101; session II: SR 01-016, Geb. 101)
    • Language: English/German
    • Time: Two sessions: Saturday, June 04, 2016, 9am - 2pm and Saturday + Sunday, July 09/10, time tbd, open end

Prerequisites for Passing

  • Participation in both sessions
  • Submission of written report (5-10 pages DIN A4, 12 pt., single-spaced, one-column) by June 25, 2016
  • Oral presentation of each participant (English or German); presentation 30 mins, discussion and question 10 mins; note that presentations have to be in PPT and need to follow the format template handed out in the first session
  • Final presentations need to be submitted by July 02 the latest, by email (cai.ziegler at hotmail dot de)
  • Participation in discussions and the quality of questions raised is also part of the final grade assigned
  • The final grade is composed 60% oral presentation plus participation in discussions and 40% written report

Topics and References

  • Topics and references will be handed out in the first session.
  • Note that the indicated paper references are only meant as starting point. Students are highly encouraged to search for other suitable references.