Databases and Information Systems
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Seminar Content

The purpose of this seminar is to give PhD-students as well as BSc- and MSc-students a platform to present their results and thesis. Guest lectures of visiting scientists are also welcome.


Building 51, Room 01-029


  • Sven Gauss: Social Collaborative Filtering for Cold-Start Music Recommendations, 16.11.2015, 10:00
  • Florian Muhl: Extracting Listening Behavior from Social Media for Cold-Start Music Recommendation, 16.11.2015, 11:30
  • Daniel Brand: Collaborative Filtering for Publication Recommendation using Common and Discriminative Topics, 7.12.2015, 10:30
  • Mariano Consens: Navigational Queries and Summary-based Optimizations on Existing SPARQL, 14.03.2016, 10:00