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Distributed Computing Using Spark

Experiments & Schedule

Nr. Content Release Submission Discussion
1. Familiarizing with Tools, Loading Data, and Basic Analysis of Data 18.10.2017 01.11.2017, 11h 08.11.2017
2. Collaborative Filtering Recommender with Spark: ALS Matrix factorization, Recommender system evaluaiton and Hyperparameter tuning. 01.11.2017 15.11.2017, 11h 22.11.2017
3. Text processing with Spark: Bag of Words representation, TF-IDF, K-means Clustering, Topics extraction using LDA. 15.11.2017 29.11.2017, 11h 06.12.2017
4. Evaluating a Content-based Recommender System using Spark. 29.11.2017 13.12.2017, 11h 20.12.2017
5. From Word Embeddings to Paper Recommendation using Spark. 13.12.2017 10.01.2018, 11h 17.01.2018
6. Classification in Spark, Feature Engineering and Problem Modeling 10.01.2018 31.01.2018, 11h 07.02.2018

Experiments will be directly uploaded to ILIAS.
Solutions have to be submitted via the same platform.
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