Intl. Conf. on Very Large Databases (VLDB) - Demonstration Track
Sept, 11-14, 2001, Rome, Italy.

LoPiX: A System for XML Data Integration and Manipulation

Wolfgang May


LoPiX is an implementation of XPathLog, an XML/XPath-native, rule-based programming language for manipulation and integration of XML documents. The main syntactical constructs are XPath expressions, extended with variables. Due to the close relationship with XPath, the semantics of rules is easy to grasp. In contrast to other approaches, the XPath syntax and semantics is also used for a declarative specification how the database should be updated: when used in rule heads, XPath filters are interpreted as specifications of elements and properties which should be added to the database. The LoPiX implementation provides an environment where XPathLog is complemented with schema information obtained from DTDs, a class concept, data-driven Web access and export functionality. Binaries of LoPiX together with a detailed paper on XPathLog can be found here.

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Due to several enquiries, here is the LaTeX source code (using the a0poster package from CTAN and the dbicons.sty).