International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE 2003)
March 5-8, 2003, Bangalore, India.

Catalog Integration Made Easy

Pedro José Marrón, Georg Lausen, Martin Weber


One of the fundamental problems that limits nowadays the proliferation of integrated electronic commerce solutions on the Internet is the fact that catalog integration cannot be performed easily and in a scalable manner. In this paper, we study adaptive evaluation techniques for querying XML-based electronic catalogs, and show, by means of experiments performed on real-world catalogs, that our approach can be used to integrate them with virtually zero effort at start-up time, and a small constant factor needed to perform the adaptive evaluation for all subsequent queries. We reach the surprising conclusion that, from a strictly technical perspective, the classic role of the global catalog can be assumed in an ad-hoc manner by any catalog that forms part of a collaborative federation of XML-based catalogs, and implements our adaptive query algorithms, independently of the storage model used to access its contents.