5th Intl. Conf. on Deductive and Object-Oriented Databases (DOOD'97) ,
Montreux, Switzerland, Dec. 8-12, 1997. Springer LNCS 1341, pp. 320-336.

Well-Founded Semantics for Deductive Object-Oriented Database Languages

Wolfgang May, Bertram Ludäscher, Georg Lausen


We present a well-founded semantics for deductive object-oriented database languages by applying the alternating-fixpoint characterization of the well-founded model to them. In order to compute the state sequence, states are explicitely integrated by making them first-class citizens of the underlying language. The concept is applied to Florid, an implementation of F-Logic, previously supporting only inflationary negation. Using our approach, well-founded models of F-Logic programs can be computed. The method is also applicable to arbitrary languages which provide a sufficiently flexible syntax and semantics. Given an implementation of the underlying database language, any program given in this language can be evaluated wrt. the well-founded semantics.

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