Intl. Workshop on Deductive Databases and Logic Programming (DDLP 98) ,
Manchester, UK, 1998.

Search, Analysis, and Integration of Web Documents: A Case Study with FLORID

Rainer Himmeröder, Paul-Th. Kandzia, Bertram Ludäscher, Wolfgang May, Georg Lausen


Languages supporting deduction and object-orientation seem particularly promising for querying and reasoning about structure and contents of the Web, and for the integration of information from heterogeneous sources. FLORID, an implementation of the deductive object-oriented language F-logic, has been extended to provide a declarative semantics for querying the Web. This extension allows extraction and restructuring of data from the Web and a seamless integration with local data. Since the functionality of wrappers and mediators is integrated into a single declarative language, the development of advanced applications based on the Web as an information source is significantly simplified. This claim is substantiated using a comprehensive example.

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