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Querying Big Data


File Description
[MapReduce_apps_maven.zip] MapReduce Eclipse Project using Maven (Linux / Windows)
You have to install the Maven Plugin for Eclipse (m2eclipse) first to open this project!
When using Eclipse on Windows you have to add an entry to your 'eclipse.ini' in the Eclipse installation folder! Please check the README contained in the project.
[MapReduce_apps_linux.zip] MapReduce Eclipse Project without Maven (Linux)
This project assumes that Hadoop is installed on your system in pseudo-distributed mode and the location of the libraries is /usr/lib/hadoop/
You have to adjust the project's Build Path (Project -> Properties -> Java Build Path) according to the location of the Hadoop libraries if installed elsewhere.
[MapReduce_apps_windows.zip] MapReduce Eclipse Project without Maven (Windows)
This projects is for development on Windows.
It is shipped with the minimum required dependencies (see folder 'lib').
Dataset for local tests
These datasets are generated with the Social Network Intelligence BenchMark data generator. Each dataset contains a simulated social network with 200, resp. 400 users represented in RDF.
[RDFStorage.jar] Load UDF for RDF data in Pig Latin
Load Function implementation for RDF data in NTriples format that can be used to load the SIB dataset within a Pig Latin program.
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