Databases and Information Systems
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Data Models and Query Languages

Exercise Sheets Discussion PDF
Exercise Sheet 1: Relational Algebra and Conjunctive Queries 08.05.2014 pdf download
Exercise Sheet 2: Conjunctive Queries, Data Integration and Chase algorithm 22.05.2014 pdf download
Exercise Sheet 3: Data Exchange, XML, DTD, XPath and XQuery 05.06.2014 pdf download
Exercise Sheet 4: XQuery, XPath, SQL/XML 26.06.2014 pdf download
Exercise Sheet 5: RDF & SPARQL 10.07.2014 pdf download
Exercise Sheet 6: SPARQL 1.1 & nSPARQL 22.07.2014 pdf download
Exercise Sheet 7: TriAL & Triple Stores 29.07.2014 pdf download

Lectures Resources
2.8 Related technologies and tools flights.xml
Sesame: installation instructions sesame-how-to-install-on-windows.pdf
RDF and SPARQL examples RDF+SPARQL-examples.zip

Exercise Resources
Exercise Sheet 3 Resources ex3-resources.zip
Exercise Sheet 5 Resources persons.n3
Exercise Sheet 6 Resources movies.n3

Recommended tools
XML Database engine and XPath/XQuery Processor BaseX
XQuery Processor (Live Demo) Zorba Live Demo
XML editor (you can use it for DTD Validation; TRIAL license) oXygen

Foundations of Databases
Database introduction 1_DB_Introduction.pdf
Relational Algebra 2_DB_Relational_Algebra.pdf

You can also visit the website of the last "Databases and Information Systems" lecture, which was held in German.