Class List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
AggregateFunctAvgExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:avg
AggregateFunctCountExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:count
AggregateFunctExpressionRepresents base class of all aggregate function expressions
AggregateFunctMaxExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:max
AggregateFunctMedianExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:median
AggregateFunctMinExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:min
AggregateFunctStdDevPopExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:stddev_pop
AggregateFunctStdDevSampExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:stddev_samp
AggregateFunctSumExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:sum
AggregateFunctVarPopExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:var_pop
AggregateFunctVarSampExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:var_samp
AndCondExpressionRepresents XQuery conjunction and of two conditions
BufferRepresents the DOM buffer
BufferIteratorRepresents iterator over nodes stored in buffer for a given path
BufferNodeRepresents a buffer node
BufferNodeListRepresents a list of buffer nodes
CharNodeRepresents a character buffer node (text node of an XML tree)
CmdLineRepresents all application call parameters
CommentExpressionRepresents an XQuery comment expression
CondExpressionRepresents base class of all conditional expressions
CondOperandExpressionRepresents XQuery comparison of two operands with relational operators <, <=, >=, >, = or !=
ConstExpressionRepresents base class of all constant (numeric or string) expressions
DecIndentsRepresents helper class for manipulating (decrementing) indents in all output streams
DependencySetRepresents a set of dependency-tuples for a variable
DependencyTupleRepresents a single tuple of a set of dependency-tuples
DocExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:doc
EmptyCondExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:empty
EmptyExpressionRepresents an XQuery empty expression
EnvironmentRepresents (current) binding of variables to a buffer node
ExceptionRepresents base class of all exceptions
ExecutorRepresents the main control instance
ExistsCondExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:exists
ExpressionRepresents base class of all expressions
FalseCondExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:false
FileInputStreamRepresents a file input stream
FileOutputStreamRepresents a file output stream
ForExpressionRepresents an XQuery for-loop
FSAMapRepresents mapping of variables to their first straight ancestor (FSA) variable
FunctAbsExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:abs
FunctCeilingExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:ceiling
FunctCoverExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:cover
FunctFloorExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:floor
FunctRoundExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:round
FunctRoundHalfToEvenExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:round-half-to-even
FunctTruncateExpressionRepresents XQuery non-standard function fn:truncate
IfExpressionRepresents XQuery conditional expression if-then-else
IncIndentsRepresents helper class for manipulating (incrementing) indents in all output streams
InputStreamRepresents base class of all input streams
IntMultiSetRepresents a multi set of integers, ranging from 0 to a fixed maximum
InvalidArgumentExceptionRepresents invalid argument exception
InvalidCastExceptionRepresents invalid cast exception
IOStreamExceptionRepresents I(input)/O(utput) stream exception
MiscFunctionsRepresents helper class with methods needed for conversion and mathematical calculations
NodeConstructExpressionRepresents an XQuery XML element with or without an expression inside
NotCondExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:not
NotImplementedExceptionRepresents not implemented exception
NullInputStreamRepresents a null (none) input stream
NullOutputStreamRepresents a null (none) output stream
NumericConstExpressionRepresents an XQuery numeric value
OperandExpressionRepresents base clase of all XQuery operands of a condition
OrCondExpressionRepresents XQuery disjunction or of two conditions
OutputStreamRepresents base class of all output streams
ParseExceptionRepresents parse(r) exception
ParVarMapRepresents mapping of variables to their parent variable (ParVar) and path
PassiveProjectionTreeClass for the passive projection tree
PassiveProjectionTreeConfigurationRepresents a token configuration on top of a passive projection tree
PassiveProjectionTreeNodeA node of the passive projection tree
PathEnvironmentRepresents mapping of variables to their path
PathExpressionRepresents an XQuery path expression
PathExpressionAdornmentAn adorned path expression
PathStepAttributeRepresents base class of all attribute expressions
PathStepAttributePositionRepresents an XQuery attribute for a single XPath path step of the form [position()=n]
PathStepExpressionRepresents base class of all path step expressions
PathStepNodeExpressionRepresents a single XPath path step of the form /node() or //node()
PathStepStarExpressionRepresents a single XPath path step of the form /* or //*
PathStepTagExpressionRepresents a single XPath path step of the form /tag or //tag
PathStepTextExpressionRepresents a single XPath path step of the form /text() or //text()
ProjectionDFARepresents the DFA used for stream preprojection
ProjectionDFAStateRepresents a single state of the ProjectionDFA
ProjectionDFATransitionsRepresents a set of transition out of a projection DFA state
ProjectionTreeRepresents the constructed projection tree
ProjectionTreeLabelRepresents labels for positions in the projection trees
ProjectionTreeLabelsCalculates and stores the set of all projection tree labels
ProjectionTreeNodeRepresents a single node of the constructed projection tree
ResIndentsRepresents helper class for manipulating (resetting) indents in all output streams
RoleRepresents a single role
RoleListRepresents a list of all used roles
RoundingExpressionRepresents base class of all rounding function expressions
RuntimeExceptionRepresents runtime exception
SequenceExpressionRepresents a sequence of XQuery expressions
SignOffExpressionRepresents a single (signOff-) expression of the form signOff(variable/path, role)
SocketInputStreamRepresents a socket input stream
SocketOutputStreamRepresents a socket output stream
StdinInputStreamRepresents a standard (console) input stream
StdoutOutputStreamRepresents a standard (console) output stream
StreamManagerRepresents stream managing class
StreamPreProcessorThe StreamPreprocessor manages prefiltering of the input stream
StreamTrackerKeeps track of the input stream and appends data to the buffer
StringConstExpressionRepresents an XQuery string value
StringHashRepresents a string hash function
TagInfoRepresents a (Tag,ID)-pair
TagMapRepresents mapping of numeric values of tagnames to their string value
TagNodeRepresents a tag buffer node (element node of an XML tree)
TokenConfigurationRepresents a token configuration, which describes a set of active positions in the projection tree during stream preprojection
TrueCondExpressionRepresents XQuery standard function fn:true
ValueAn XML value, used to represent typed XML PCDATA elements
VarExpressionRepresents an XQuery variable
VariableTreeRepresents the constructed variable tree
VariableTreeNodeRepresents a single node of the constructed variable tree
VarNameRepresents mapping of numeric values of variables to their string value
VarstepCondExpressionRepresents XQuery condition if($x) or if($x/bib/book)
VarStepExpressionRepresents an XQuery variable with following path (or a path without a preceding variable)
WhereExpressionRepresents an XQuery where-clause
WriIndentsRepresents helper class for writing indents in all output streams

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