MiscFunctions Member List

This is the complete list of members for MiscFunctions, including all inherited members.

getDivisionFrom(long double numerator, long double denominator)MiscFunctions [static]
getNumericFromString(const char *str)MiscFunctions [static]
getPowerFrom(long double base, long double exponent)MiscFunctions [static]
getRadicalFrom(long double base, long double radix)MiscFunctions [static]
getRoundFrom(long double num, unsigned places=ROUND_TO_DECIMAL_PLACE)MiscFunctions [static]
getStringFromNumerical(long double num)MiscFunctions [static]
getSubtractionFrom(long double left, long double right)MiscFunctions [static]
getSummationFrom(long double left, long double right)MiscFunctions [static]
needsTrim(const char *s)MiscFunctions [static]
trim(const char *s)MiscFunctions [static]

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