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RDFPath MapReduce Processor

RDFPath is an expressive, navigational query langauge enabling to retrieve information from diverse knowledge bases represented in RDF. RDFPath MapReduce Processor makes use of the Hadoops' MapReduce for distributing the workload accociated with on a cluster of machines, and is well-suited for data-intensive, ETL-like scenarios.

A more recent implementation built on top of Impala and Spark is published on GitHub:
RDFPath Engine


  • Hadoop, we recommend Cloudera's Distribution of Hadoop CDH3, the implementation is tested with CDH 3
  • Java Version 6
  • Data in NTriples format (we recommend SP²Bench Data generator)


Files Description
RDFPath v0.3a Executable JAR Download
RDFPath v0.2 Executable JAR Download
Instruction First Steps, Triple-Loader, Query Processor, Current Restrictions Download
RDF Data SP²Bench v1.01 Data generator Link

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