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The RDF Data Description Language (RDD)


Although the intention of RDF is to provide an open, minimally constraining way for representing information, there exists an increasing number of applications for which guarantees on the structure and values of an RDF data set become desirable if not essential. The RDD language has been designed as a user-friendly tool to specify instance-level constraints that hold in RDF data sets. Making constraints explicit by means of RDDs does not only help in asserting and maintaining data quality, but also opens up new optimization opportunities for query engines and, most importantly, makes query formulation a lot easier for users and system developers.

This web pages points to the scientific publications describing the scientific and technical background of the RDD language and contains descriptions and download links to software tools developed in the context of the RDD checker. The RDD language and associated tools are developed as part of the DFG project CORSOS.


  • Publications
  • Prototype implementations and technical documentation
    • RDD checker (published under Apache 2 license): first released verion 2.11
      • The RDD checker prototype, implementing the RDD syntax and semantics allowing to check consistency of RDF documents with RDD data description [ binary (.zip) | sources (.zip) ]
      • Documentation of the RDD checker prototype [ .pdf ]
      • Associated JavaDoc of the RDD checker prototype, for developers [ .zip ]
  • Example RDD definitions

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