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CORSOS - Constraints over RDF for Semantic Processing of SPARQL

This project is funded by Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, grant LA 598/7-1.


The CORSOS project (COnstraints over RDF for Semantic PrOcessing of SPARQL) aims at developing foundations, techniques, and algorithms for optimizing SPARQL queries in the context of RDF constraints. In particular, we investigate different types of constraints for RDF, how these constraints can be formalized, and the role of SPARQL in such a scenario. A special focus is on semantic query optimization for SPARQL in the presence of RDF constraints.

Software Prototypes

In CORSOS, we develop RDD, the RDF Data Description Language. Along the language, software prototypes have been implemented. These software prototypes are maintained on the associated RDD project page.

Related Publications

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Project Members

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