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Deductive Environment for the Analysis of XML-Specifications

New developments in databases build on XML [BMP+06] technologies. Concepts of the relational model can be transferred to XML. This approach is not unproblematic. Transfer of integrity constraints causes a problem, some XML-specifications are unsatisfiable. The project presents tools for the development of XML-specifications. A formalization of XML-specifications and a transformation for model checking XML-specifications is developed. A deductive environment proves an extensive library of theorems with Isabelle [Pau94]. A transformation generates constraints and MONA [KMS00] proves that the constraints are unsatisfiable. The formalization proves the correctness of the constraints. Circular XML-specifications are unsatisfiable. A deductive checker generates F-Logic [KLW95] facts that are checked with Florid [HLS07]. The project presents a deductive checker based on circular XML-specifications.

Dipl.-Inf. Harald Hiss
Dipl.-Inf. Ahmad El Haj Hussein



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