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The Florid Project


FLORID (F-LOgic Reasoning In Databases) is a deductive object-oriented database system employing F-Logic as data definition and query language. The development was supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (project La 598/3-2). With the increasing interest in semistructured data, Florid has been extended for handling semistructured data in the context of Information Integration from the Semantic Web.

See also the LoPiX system for a migration of Florid to XML.


  • The F-Logic-Report (published in JACM 1995). It contains a detailed description of the syntax and semantics of F-Logic, also considering some topics which are not implemented in FLORID, e.g., dynamic type checking, module structures, extensions of F-Logic etc.
  • The Florid User Manual explains installation and use of the Florid system.
  • The Florid tutorial. In this paper it is described how to use F-Logic as the database definition and query language of the FLORID system. The emphasize here is on programming rather than on theoretical aspects of F-Logic.

Download Florid

To get Florid, please go to the download page. Don't forget to read the license conditions carefully before you install the system.

Project Members

Former Members were: Jürgen Frohn, Rainer Himmeröder, Paul-Thomas Kandzia, Bertram Ludäscher, Pedro Jose Marrón, Wolfgang May, Christian Schlepphorst, and Heinz Uphoff.

Contact: florid@informatik.uni-freiburg.de