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Triple Algebra with Recursion Query Language (TriAL-QL)

TriAL* is an expressive querying language for RDF that includes both, navigational and reasoning capabilities. However, writing TriAL expressions is not really feasibile due to its algebraic notation. Thus, we propose TriAL-QL, the TriAL* Query Language that keeps the procedural structure of TriAL by replacing each algebra operation with a seperate SQL-like statement. Our distributed processing engine for TriAL-QL is built on top of Hadoop using is this version Hive as intermediate layer for execution.

A more recent implementation built on top of Impala and Spark is published on GitHub:
TriAL-QL Engine


Name Description
TriAL-QL Grammar textual + visual notation as PDF TriAL-QL_Grammar (pdf)
TriAL-QL Grammar ANTLR v4 notation TriAL-QL_Grammar (g4)
TriAL-QL Query Engine v0.5 for Hive Sources for Hive on MapReduce TriAL-QL_v0.5_src.tar

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