Databases and Information Systems
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Advanced Database and Information Systems


Dr. Fang Wei-Kleiner

Course Contents

The course introduces advanced topics of Databases and Information systems, covering system-oriented as well as theoretical aspects:


  • JSON and XML standards, language families and processing using SQL
  • NoSQL and columnar datastores
  • SQL on top of cumputing clusters: Hadoop, MapReduce, PigLatin, Hive and Spark


  • SQL
  • Datalog
  • Nonfirst Normalform Languages


Slides, exercise sheets and other material can be found in ILIAS.

Necessary Prerequisites

The key course (Kursvorlesung) 'Databases and Information Systems' or an equivalent Database course.

Time, Location and Organization:

Lecture: Wednesday 10-12 Location: SR 00-031, Geb. 051

Exercises: Thursday 14-16 Location: SR 00-010/014., Geb. 101

(Note that the first week there will be two lectures and no exercise)

Language: English

ECTS: 6 Points

Program of Study: Bachelor CS, Master CS/ESE, Lehramt Informatik


Exam modality: TBD


Literature and Additional Material