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(TYPE) ENUMS. More...

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#define ROOTVAR   ".root"
#define TAGID_ROOT   0
#define ROOTVAR   ".root"
#define TAGID_ROOT   0
#define ROOTVAR   ".root"
#define TAGID_ROOT   0
#define ROOTVAR   ".root"
 Predefined variable for internal use of variable $.root.
#define TAGID_ROOT   0
 The ID of variable $root.


enum  ROLE_TYPE { rt_root, rt_variable, rt_condition, rt_output }
 Role type definition. More...
enum  AXIS_TYPE { at_child, at_descendant, at_dos }
 Axis type definition. More...
enum  NODETEST_TYPE { ntt_tag, ntt_star, ntt_node, ntt_text }
 Node test type definition. More...
enum  ATTRIBUTE_TYPE { at_position }
 Attribute type definition. More...
enum  COMP_TYPE {
  ct_lt, ct_leq, ct_eq, ct_gt,
  ct_geq, ct_neq
 Relational comparison operator definition. More...
enum  EXP_TYPE {
  ect_and, ect_or, ect_not, ect_exists,
  ect_empty, ect_varstep, ect_operand, ect_true,
  ect_false, et_empty, et_stringconst, et_numericconst,
  et_for, et_where, et_if, et_doc,
  et_comment, et_nodeconstr, et_path, et_pathsteptag,
  et_pathstepstar, et_pathstepnode, et_pathsteptext, et_sequence,
  et_var, et_varstep, et_signoff, et_operandvar,
  et_operandvarstep, et_operandaggregatefunct, et_operandrounding, et_operandconst,
  et_aggregatefunctsum, et_aggregatefunctavg, et_aggregatefunctmin, et_aggregatefunctmax,
  et_aggregatefunctcount, et_aggregatefunctstddevsamp, et_aggregatefunctstddevpop, et_aggregatefunctvarsamp,
  et_aggregatefunctvarpop, et_aggregatefunctmedian, et_abs, et_ceiling,
  et_cover, et_floor, et_round, et_roundhalftoeven,
 Expression type definition. More...
enum  ISTREAM_TYPE { it_file, it_null, it_socket, it_stdin }
 Input stream type definition. More...
enum  OSTREAM_TYPE { ot_file, ot_null, ot_socket, ot_stdout }
 Output stream type definition. More...
  exct_argument, exct_iostream, exct_parse, exct_runtime,
  exct_cast, exct_impl
 Exception type definition. More...
enum  EXCEPTION_LEVEL { excl_warning, excl_error, excl_fatal }
 Exception level definition. More...
enum  ERROR_ID {
  eid_notset = 0, eid_argument = 100, eid_stream = 200, eid_stream_input = 201,
  eid_stream_output = 202, eid_parse = 300, eid_parse_query = 301, eid_parse_xml = 302,
  eid_runtime = 400, eid_runtime_illegalmode = 401, eid_runtime_bit = 402, eid_runtime_tokenconfig = 403,
  eid_runtime_ptlabel = 404, eid_cast = 500, eid_cast_stringnumeric = 501, eid_cast_numericstring = 502,
  eid_cast_summation = 503, eid_cast_power = 504, eid_cast_radical = 505, eid_cast_division = 506,
  eid_impl = 600
 Error identifier definition. More...
enum  VALUE_TYPE { xsd_numeric, xsd_string, xsd_unknown }
 Value type definition. More...

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Michael Schmidt

Gunnar Jehl

Software License Agreement (BSD License)

Definition in file typeenums.h.

Define Documentation

#define ROOTVAR   ".root"

Predefined variable for internal use of variable $.root.

Predefined variable for internal use of variable $.root (which denotes abolute paths). This variable cannot be used/specified in the input query and is always implicitly bound to the (virtual) XML document root.

Definition at line 159 of file typeenums.h.

Referenced by DocExpression::print(), and VarName::VarName().

#define TAGID_ROOT   0

The ID of variable $root.

The ID of variable $root, which is, because of their first insertion into VarName and TagMap, always zero. This ID is only defined to highlight the special variable $root. Changing this define value would lead to incorrect results (best case) or application crash (worst case). Therefore DO NOT CHANGE THIS VALUE!

Definition at line 169 of file typeenums.h.

Referenced by Buffer::Buffer(), Executor::collectQueryInformation(), ProjectionTree::createProjectionTree(), Environment::Environment(), FSAMap::FSAMap(), ProjectionTreeLabel::getTag(), Executor::insertSignOffs(), BufferNode::isRoot(), ParVarMap::ParVarMap(), PathEnvironment::PathEnvironment(), ParVarMap::print(), StreamPreProcessor::readAll(), StreamPreProcessor::readNext(), ProjectionTreeNode::removeRedundantRoles(), ForExpression::replaceVarId(), and ForExpression::scopeCheck().

Enumeration Type Documentation

Attribute type definition.

Attribute type definition, which includes attributes for position (position()=n) (only for internal use).

Definition at line 63 of file typeenums.h.


Axis type definition.

Axis type definition, which includes axis for child, descendant and descendant-or-self (only for internal use).

Definition at line 50 of file typeenums.h.


Relational comparison operator definition.

Relational comparison operator definition, which includes the standard set of relational comparison (<, <=, >=, >, = and !=).

Definition at line 70 of file typeenums.h.


Error identifier definition.

Error identifier definition specifying EXCEPTION_TYPE more precisely.

Definition at line 125 of file typeenums.h.

Exception level definition.

Exception level definition, which includes exception levels warning, error and fatal.

Definition at line 119 of file typeenums.h.

Exception type definition.

Exception type definition, which includes exceptions for command-line argument errors, input stream errors, parsing errors, runtime errors, casting errors and (not) implementing errors.

Definition at line 111 of file typeenums.h.


Expression type definition.

Expression type definition, which includes all supported expressions.

Definition at line 76 of file typeenums.h.

Input stream type definition.

Input stream type definition, which includes input streams for files, null (no input/output), sockets and standard input.

Definition at line 97 of file typeenums.h.

Node test type definition.

Node test type definition, which includes node tests for tag (e.g. /bib), wildcard (/*), node (node()) and text (text()).

Definition at line 57 of file typeenums.h.

Output stream type definition.

Output stream type definition, which includes output streams for files, null (no input/output), sockets and standard output.

Definition at line 104 of file typeenums.h.


Role type definition.

Role type definition, which includes roles for the root node of the XML tree, variables of for-loops, condtional expressions and output expressions.

Definition at line 43 of file typeenums.h.


Value type definition.

Value type definition, which includes value types numeric (xsd:numeric), string (xsd:string) and unknown (xsd:unknown).

Definition at line 152 of file typeenums.h.

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