streampreprocessor.h File Reference

Header file for streampreprocessor.cpp. More...

#include "buffer.h"
#include "streamtracker.h"
#include "streammanager.h"
#include "parseexception.h"

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class  StreamPreProcessor
 The StreamPreprocessor manages prefiltering of the input stream. More...


int saxparse ()
 Triggers parsing of the input stream.
void destroyLexer ()
 Destroys the lexer.


FILE * yyxmlin
 The associated XML file.

Detailed Description

Header file for streampreprocessor.cpp.

Header file specifying constructors, destructor and functions for streampreprocessor.cpp.

Michael Schmidt

Gunnar Jehl

Software License Agreement (BSD License)

Definition in file streampreprocessor.h.

Function Documentation

void destroyLexer (  ) 

Destroys the lexer.

Wrapper that calls yyxmlex(), depending on the architecture.

Return values:
int See yyxmllex_destroy().
This method was made necessary by the fact that Flex does not not provide up-to-date versions under Windows.
This is an extern method, which is defined in loader.cpp.
Return values:

Definition at line 129 of file loader.cpp.

References yyxmllex_destroy().

Referenced by StreamPreProcessor::~StreamPreProcessor().

int saxparse (  ) 

Triggers parsing of the input stream.

The main parsing method.

Triggers lexing of the input stream. This method is externally implemented in the parser.

Return values:
int See method yyxmllex().
This is an extern method, which is defined in loader.cpp.
Return values:
int See the original definition in loader.C.

Definition at line 111 of file loader.cpp.

References yyxmllex().

Referenced by StreamPreProcessor::readAll(), and StreamPreProcessor::readNext().

Variable Documentation

FILE * yyxmlin

The associated XML file.

This is an extern variable, which is defined in sax.C.

Referenced by StreamPreProcessor::StreamPreProcessor().

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