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Publications of the DBIS Research Group


  • Florian Schmedding
    Incremental SPARQL Evaluation for Query Answering on Linked Data.pdf ]
    Second International Workshop on Consuming Linked Data (COLD2011),
    in conjunction with the 10th International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC 2011). Bonn, Germany.
  • Liaquat Ali, Thomas Janson, Georg Lausen:
    3rdf: Storing and Querying RDF Data on top of the 3nuts Overlay Network.pdf ]
    10th International Workshop on Web Semantics (WebS 2011),
    in conjunction with the 22nd International Conference on Database and Expert Systems Applications (DEXA 2011). Toulouse (France).
  • Alexander Schätzle, Martin Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Georg Lausen:
    PigSPARQL: Mapping SPARQL to Pig Latin.pdf ]
    3rd International Workshop on Semantic Web Information Management (SWIM 2011),
    in conjunction with the 2011 ACM International Conference on Management of Data (SIGMOD 2011). Athens (Greece).
  • Martin Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Alexander Schätzle, Thomas Hornung, Georg Lausen:
    RDFPath: Path Query Processing on Large RDF Graphs with MapReduce.pdf ]
    1st Workshop on High-Performance Computing for the Semantic Web (HPCSW 2011),
    collocated with 8th Extended Semantic Web Conference (ESWC 2011). Heraklion (Greece).
  • Alexander Schätzle, Martin Przyjaciel-Zablocki, Thomas Hornung, Georg Lausen:
    PigSPARQL: Übersetzung von SPARQL nach Pig Latin.pdf ]
    In Proc. 14th conference on Database Systems for Business, Technology and Web (BTW 2011).
    Kaiserslautern (Germany).